Paul J Bouzakis


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Web Developer / Software Engineer

I'm a web developer specializing in advanced JavaScript programming. I'm familiar with ES5 standards, as well the upcoming new features coming in ES6, writing object oriented code in a modular fashion, and engineering complex maintainable web applications.

Over 10 years of coding and working on projects large and small with some of the biggest companies in the world. I've been a team leader, teacher, student and everwhere in between. I've worked on and delivered applications using the latest cutting edge HTML5 and CSS3 web technologies. In addition to client side JavaScript, I also have experience on the backend with NodeJS and PHP, and very familiar with SQL.

I'm currently a Software Engineer at Peloton.

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I'm pretty booked at the moment, but if you have something interesting and cool to share or just want to get nerdy, feel free to contact me via the following: